Delhi is a city of rich past, wonderful heritage and architectural gems which people  from all over the world marvel at!!! Very often referred to as the “Rome of the East”, Delhi is a joy to be surrounded with and a HUGE responsibilty to stay in.

But the clutches of insensitivie urbanization has had more than its toll on the historical structures which dot the city’s urbanscape. Recently a 13th-century monument, Lal Mahal located in the Nizamuddin Basti- the heart of the posh south Delhi, in the neighbourhood of the affluent and influential Lodhi Estate and Nizamuddin; was demolished !!!

This blog was initiated to thread and voice the various stories going around in the newspapers, magazines and in the minds of us all, and then attempt a way to find a solution and generate empathy for the fallen treasures.

I would like to seek your participation towards this.


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  1. Hi, we are syndicating the Lal Mahal story on http://www.architexturez.net, and would be glad if you keep me informed of significant events and your blog posts so that I can transmit it to our subscribers.

    Architexturez subscribers are mostly professionals in South Asia.

    You can view the current Lal Mahal stories starting here:

    Many thanks

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